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Returns And Refunds


How to return an item?


We realise that occasionally issues may arise with your new  glasses . We will do everything we can to make sure, that should this happen it is resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible. If for any reason, following receipt of your new glasses, you are not happy with your purchases, please call us on 0345 548 2020. We will provide you with  a returns number and instructions on how to proceed.



Returns Policy


  • You can reach us by phone (0345 548 2020) from 9am-5pm Monday to Friday. Our qualified optometrists and technical team are ready to answer your call to offer expert aftercare and advice every day.
  • For queries out of business hours, or if it's more convenient for you to email

We aim to reply to all our customer emails within 24 hours and we are happy to return your call during office our hours at a time that is more convenient for you. We will need to speak over the phone before authorising a return (see below).
You may return, exchange or receive a refund on your glasses if you are unhappy with them for any reason, providing that the following conditions are met:

  • Normally, you need to let us know within seven days after they have been despatched (30 days for varifocals). The returned glasses need to reach us within 14 days of our original dispatch date.
  • You include the returns authorisation form (we will email this to you after you call us) with your returns package.
  • Returns must be in their original condition and with all accessories included in your package (e.g. cases and cloths).
  • You were  advised when you purchased (by our opticians or by information on the website) that your original order was inappropriate for your needs or was a special order or sale item.
  • Refunds will not include any custom options or postage.

When you do return product we recommend that you obtain proof of postage from the Post Office as we are unable to take responsibility for packages lost in post. Your statutory rights in relation to returns and refunds are not affected.




Standard prescription orders are completed and dispatched normally  within 5 to 7 working days. If we know there is going to be a delay we will contact you either by email or telephone.

Postage & Packing

Delivery is available Free throughout the UK. Please note that we can only dispatch next day delivery on standard prescription lenses and frame only orders. If you have decided to upgrade your lenses to Hi-Index/thinner lenses, anti-reflective coatings, transitions or bi-focals these may take a few days longer. We will always keep you updated with expected delivery dates.

Orders are sent via Royal Mail - If you would like to use a different service please do not hesitate to contact us on 0345 548 2020 or email  and we will be happy to quote and adjust the price of your order accordingly.


International Delivery

Worldwide Delivery: £12.00

We also have the facility to ship worldwide. This will be sent Royal Mail Airsure worldwide and will cost a nominal amount of £12.00. This will be added onto the final total once you have entered your full address and country of residence.

All Airsure mail receives priority handling in the UK making it faster than standard airmail. This can take from 3 days to Western Europe, 5 days for Eastern Europe or 7 days for the Rest of the World.

You will receive a tracking number once we dispatch the item to allow you to check the progress/location of your order.

Please contact us prior to ordering to confirm we can ship to your address.


Delivery Time

How long will my glasses take to arrive?

As soon as your order has been dispatched you will receive an automatic email confirmation. The majority of orders are dispatched within 7 days of order date and more often than not, sooner.

Some prescriptions take longer than others due to lens complexity e.g Varifocals. There may also be a delay if our optometrist need to contact you.

We work very hard to ensure that even the most complex glasses are dispatched within 14 days of order date.

For deliveries outside the UK, please see World Wide Delivery.





Sounds Obvious we know, however, make a habit of putting your glasses in their case whenever you take them off. You will receive a specially designed GregoryPex hard case with your new glasses and it will go a long way to protecting your glasses from damage and scratches.

Keep it Clean!

Give your glasses a gentle clean everyday. Your new glasses come with a GregoryPex Microfibre cloth  which is ideal for the job. (and its machine washable)

Its OK to clean your glasses in soapy water (occasionally) just try not to rub the lenses with anything other than a cleaning spray and your cloth.

Daddy Cool

Plastic frames and lenses can be damaged by intense heat. Keep your glasses out of the sun, and never leave them in the car on a hot summers day.

Rimless Glasses

GregoryPex make all of our rimless glasses with tough plastic lenses, they are much stronger than traditional lenses and less likely to break. But, they are still breakable!!. Always take your glasses off using both hands, taking your rimless glasses of with one hand is the number one reason for lens breakage.

Accidents Happen

We’ve all been there. Even the best cared for glasses could be accidentally damaged. Don’t panic we are only a click or phone call way. We have your prescription and will do everything we can to help.


If your glasses need to be adjusted you can;

  • Send them back to us and we’ll fix them for you
  • Take them to your Optometrist – we will refund the reasonable cost of an adjustment if they charge you.


Your Prescription

Understanding Your Prescription. Your prescription is collected after checkout - this is to make ordering as easy as possible. It can be provided over the phone, by Fax, by post or immediately using the online form.

We want to make buying glasses online  as simple as possible therefore here is some information that will help you understand your prescription.

Our qualified staff are available to help you during office hours on 0345 548 2020. This is a sample of how most prescriptions are issued;

Understanding Your Glasses Prescription

There are different terms used by opticians and here are some of the meanings.

  • Distance Vision = Dist, DV or Distance>
  • Near Vision = Near, NV or Reading>
  • Rx = prescription
  • Right Eye - R, RE or OD
  • Left Eye - L, LE or O.S

A zero may be written in SPH or CYL as 0 or 0.00, Plano or PL
The negative sign for SPH or CYL values may be written before, above or below the number.
The addition sign may be used for reading glasses.

Sphere (Sph)

This is the strength or power of lens required to correct your vision.
A plus (+) sphere is used to correct long sightedness (Hyperopia), where there is difficulty in focussing on close objects. The plus sign may be placed before, after or above the value, or there may be no plus sign.
A minus (-)sphere is used to correct short sightedness (Myopia) where there is difficulty in focussing on distant objects. The minus sign may written before, after or above the value.
Where there is no value this may be entered as 0 or Plano or PL or using the infinity sign, ∞

Cylinder (Cyl)

A cylinder value is used to correct astigmatism, this is where the eye, instead of being perfectly round has changed to more of a rugby ball shape.

Not everyone has a Cyl value on their prescription, or it might be only on one eye. If there is no value on your prescription then leave this field empty. This Cyl value may be in either plus or minus form. The plus or minus sign may be written before, after or above the value. If there is no plus or minus sign it is assumed that the value is plus. A Cyl value is always accompanied by an Axis value.


The axis value tells us how to align the cylinder correction in you prescription. You will only have an axis value if there is a cylinder value.
Enter a number between 1 and 180 (degrees) for the axis to which the cylinder is to be orientated.

Addition (Add or Reading Addition)

This power or value is the additional magnification required for preparing glasses for reading or computer work.
It may be included as a separate value on prescriptions for making bi-focal or varifocal lenses, which have both the distance and near correction powers. This value is only required if you select single vision reading lenses.

Pupil Distance (PD)

Your Pupil Distance (also known as Inter Pupillary Distance and PD) is the distance between the centres of your pupils usually measured in millimetres. It may be expressed as a single number e.g. 54mm or as a monocular PD, e.g. R31mm/L31mm where the measurement is given separately from the centre line for each eye. The normal range for the PD in the adult population is 54mm - 68mm.

Prism & Base

These are absent from most prescriptions. A prism is used to treat muscular imbalance or other conditions that cause errors in eye orientation.

A prism will be used to displace the image seen by the eye through the lens. The base refers to the direction of the displacement. If you have a prism and base value on your prescription you will need to inform us about this separately and provide a copy of your prescription.

Please remember our qualified Optometrist is on hand to offer assistance on 0345 548 2020 or email


How do I find My Prescription?


Your optician is legally obliged to provide you with a copy of your prescription after your eye test. If they don’t give you this, make sure you ask.

Your prescription must be in date and no older than 2 years. The recommended interval between eye tests will vary depending on a number of factors. If you need advice call 0345 548 2020 and speak to one of our Optometrists.

How do I enter my prescription?

We will collect your prescription details after checkout. This is to help make the process as easy as possible and means you can talk to us if you need help or advice. Your prescription is generally collected via a form emailed with your receipt, however, you can call us, email or even fax in your prescription if required. Every prescription is checked by an Optometrist prior to manufacture.



PD – Pupillary distance


Your PD is the distance between the centre of your pupils. For glasses to perform as well as possible, the lenses must be made to match this distance. This is particularly important for higher presciptions and varifocal lenses.


How will I get my PD?


It is unusual for Opticians in the UK to provide this information with your prescription. However, they do record this information and will provide it – if you ask. Alternatively, the information can be taken from an old pair of glasses. Your PD will not change from one year to the next. One of our Opticians will call you if we think that is necessary.  In general if you do not have your PD we will use an average measurement. 

Very occasionally our Optician will see this as unsuitable e.g high prescription and  we would contact you to discuss the options.


Lenses and Coatings




Standard Lenses - £Free

Bi Focal £45

Varifocal Lenses £65


Scratch Resistant Coating £10

Anti Reflection and Scratch Resistant £20

Thin and Light Lenses 1.6 index (33% thinner)

Including Anti Reflection and Anti Scratch £40

Ultra Thin and Light Lenses 1.67 index(38% thinner)

Including Anti Reflection and Anti scratch £70

Thinnest 1.74(45% Thinner) £140


Tint UV400 Protection £10

Polarised Tint £45

Transitions £45

Transitions Bi Focal £55

Transitions Varifocal £65


Premium Varifocal £125

Ultimate Varifocal £180





How to order?


Browse our collection of glasses and find the pair you want. Once you have chosen your glasses, choose from the lens options and tints from the menu on the right hand side  and add to basket. Continue shopping and choose your second pair (if applicable) then proceed to checkout. After checkout we will collect you prescription details and PD. If you need help, call 0345 548 2020.


Your new glasses will be dispatched within days.



Common ordering Questions


Do you accept NHS vouchers? – Sorry, No


Can I order over the phone? – Yes, please call 0345 548 2020


I am having problems with your web site – Please call 0345 548 2020 and will do everything we can to help.


Do you sell childrens glasses? – No, it is illegal to dispense glasses to under 16’s online.


Can I use my contact lens prescription? – Unfortunately no. Contact lenses work differently to glasses and have a different prescription.


I forgot to order my free second pair – call us or email with your choice and we will add to your order.


Track My order


You can log in to your account to check the status of your order. As soon as your order is ready you will receive an automated email to confirm.


You can email us (please include your order number ) and we will reply with the latest up date.