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FREE Prescription lenses with all frames | FREE delivery to all UK addresses, worldwide £12

Replacement Lenses in to Your Glasses

Are you happy with your current glasses but need replacement lenses to fit a new prescription or to fix a broken lens? No problem. Our reglaze service starts from only £14.95, and it couldn't be easier to get your own glasses reglazed with us. Follow our simple steps below.

  1. 1. Choose the frame type you want to Reglaze- Fully Rimmed, Semi Rimmed or Rimless Glasses.

  2. 2. Choose your lens type - Reading Glasses , Distance, Varifocal Glasses Etc.

  3. 3 . Choose any lens options.

  4. 4. Send us your glasses and we'll do the rest! Price includes Fast, Secure Delivery.

Product Options

Bifocal lenses

These type of lenses have the distance and reading prescription.If you need bifocals, then normally  you will be 40+ years old and have a reading addition (ADD) on your prescription. Only order Bifocals if you have them already.


Varifocal lenses

 Varifocals  lenses feature  distance, intermediate and reading vision. There are no visible lines and they  are visually and cosmetically superior to Bifocals.


The difference between a standard and premium Varifocal are shown below.

Standard varifocal lens simulation Premium varifocal lens simulation
Normal Varifocal Premium Varifocal





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